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Detroit Remedy Clothing Company

Except from Blur Detroit interview – 7-05

What has inspired you to create clothing?
Well everything around Remedy pertains to looking good with what your wearing,With that in mind, Ive been in the graphic design business for 20 years,and ive learned alot on creating good designs and matching different colors together.So i try to make my clothing designs in alot of different styles and color combos to match just about anything you are wearing.Sometimes
its just all about simplicity.

Describe some of the feedback you get from your fashion shows.
Everybody loves the different color schemes,big size cut shirts,and that all the designs are simple,bold,and easy to read.

Where did the name come from?
This is funny but the truth.I had a friend that was hung over so i made him one of my home remedies for his hangover,and he told me “Todd you have a remedy for everything,dont you”.Then a light bulb went off in my head “Remedy”.

Where can people buy your gear?
Pigeon Skate 17534 E.9Mile

Any plans for stores in the future?
Yes i have plans for my own store,it will also carry alot of other local clothing lines that are trying to make a name for themselves also.

What is your opinion on the current state of music from the “D”?
Alot of the music from the D is great.People just need to know Detroit music is so much more than just Kid Rock and Eminem.There are alot of other great artist that havent been noticed yet.”Hatch,Paradime,OneBeLo,Hush,Powerdise and many more”.

Tell us about the mix cd, any plans for a future release?
With me sponsoring alot of local artists and shows,In return alot of the local artists got together and recorded 26 exclusive tracks dedicated too Detroit Remedy.This cd really hasnt got out there yet,But it is a must have.

Your favorite spot to get some eats?
Its a toss up between Bangkok Cuisine of Roseville and Thai Orchid in the Clem.

What are your top 5 tracks right now?
1.McHush… Put ‘em down
2.Paradime… 11 steps down Feat. Tash and Swift
3.McHush… Hush is coming… Feat.Nate Dogg Produced by Eminem
4.One Be Lo… Anybody
5.Sean Dalon and Syntax…Clem to Cali (Detriot Remedy Mixtape)